openHAB Milestone builds

If you have a zwave jar in /addons/, you will want to delete it too or you’ll likely revert to it after an OH restart. The update to M3 already cleared your cache, which is what removed the serial transport and causes the error.

Thanks @5iver, just done that now. Much appreciated.

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Is there a place where a new milestone is announced besides this topic? Something like an “announcement only” thread? This thread has now over 400 messages, so monitoring it only for the release new milestones is not really practical :wink:
A website where I can parse the most recent milestone number would be fine, too.
The official docker images are automatically re-build every two days or so, so monitoring them with watchtower is not really helpful. The docker image changes, but the milestone remains the same.

I know about, but did find only build numbers there and nothing that relates them to a proper version number. And on the other side, I did not find a build number anywhere in my installed openHAB :roll_eyes:

I anyone could point me in the right direction I would be very grateful, thanks!

Lok at

Pretty sure there will be seperate anouncements as there was for M3.

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There’s an RSS feed…, if you don’t mind this issue.

You could also watch releases on github and get notified by email…

Thank you for all suggestions, I’ll subscribe to the RSS feed and the github notiofications!

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can somebody please point me to the M3 changelog? it seems to I failed in searching for one :wink:

thank you

I’ve just installed M3, and i notice PaperUI is showing both ‘SNAPSHOT’ and ‘M3’ bindings. The installed bindings are the snapshot ones, and if I uninstall and attempt to install the M3 one instead it actually installs the snapshot version.

Is this how it’s meant to be? If not, how do i fix it?

Thanks in advance.

Before panicking try clearing your browser cache. Chrome especially has troublesome caching issues when pages have had major changes.

thanks - tho it’s made no difference.

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Try Clear the Cache

thanks, but I’ve already tried clearing the cache, to no effect.

Is there a wild guess, when openHAB 2.5 will be released as “stable”? Thanks in advance for your short reply.

When it is ready :wink:
A while back @kai said late summer, which I thought was optimistic.
For a wild guess, make it December to pick up the former 6 month release cycle.

openHAB Milestone builds Last couple of lines of that post from Kai

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Hate to ask, but how do i move to using the milestone releases please?