openHAB Milestone builds

That depends. Tell us about that you are running and how you installed it.OpenHABian?

Typically on a RPi do the following:

SSH into openhab
sudo openhabian-config
select 40
under 41 select install openhab testing install or switch to latest openhab testing
then wait and reboot.
This is how I do it everytime I crash my system and reload (which is quite often)
On the other hand Bruce is extremely knowledgeable and would be much more qualified to advise.

Only if they are running openHABian. There are several other installation options.

Thank you @Bruce_Osborne for making my point.
And thank you Sir for always standing up to help us noobs.
OH needs you and more like you!

I’m currently running 2.4 Release, on a Windows 10 machine.

First, a disclaimer that I have not installed OH on Windows.
Before trying to upgrade, I would shutdown OpenHAB and back it up.
Acording to the official instructions you can download the Milestone build from here to install.

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Good page to bookmark!
Thanks again Bruce

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Thank you.
I am still a relative newbie here but I am giving back by cleaning up our Z=Wave device database & learning here.

Brilliant thanks - i’ll take a look


windows is very easy. If you installed OH as a service, than stop it or shut down openhab. Backup the complete folder of OH. Than delete catch, and TMP folder as a minimum. I personally wrote a .bat file looks like this:

del C:\openhab2\userdata\etc\all.policy
del C:\openhab2\userdata\etc\
del C:\openhab2\userdata\etc\
del C:\openhab2\userdata\etc\
del C:\openhab2\userdata\etc\
del C:\openhab2\userdata\etc\
del C:\openhab2\userdata\etc\
del C:\openhab2\userdata\etc\
del C:\openhab2\userdata\etc\org.openhab.addons.cfg
del C:\openhab2\userdata\etc\org.ops4j.pax.url.mvn.cfg
del C:\openhab2\userdata\etc\
del C:\openhab2\userdata\etc\profile.cfg
del C:\openhab2\userdata\etc\
del C:\openhab2\userdata\etc\
del C:\openhab2\userdata\etc\
del C:\openhab2\userdata\etc\org.apache.karaf*
rmdir /s /q C:\openhab2\userdata\cache
rmdir /s /q C:\openhab2\runtime
rmdir /s /q C:\openhab2\userdata\tmp\

Then download the new milestone build, and copy over your existing OH distro.
After restart of OH pls be patient, as all set up needs to be build up again by OH. Probably you will need to restart it after a few minutes. Item and rule load order is not perfect and virtual items can run on error in rules. Check boot process in openhab.log file. In that case .item file needs to be refreshed. After you can do it with affected .rules files, and it will be fine after restart.


May I ask what is the recommended/better way for doing an update under Windows?

@kovacsi2899 delets all those files and copies new version over. (By the way: I like the idea with the batch file…could have come to that by myself :thinking: )

Until today I’m making a manual backup of my “conf” folder (and some files like uuid), deleted entire OH folder, install new version and copy “conf” folder (and above mentioned files) back. Reason why: 100% sure that there remains nothing that might cause conflicts with newer version.

The effort for re-installation of bindings and acc. configuration remains in both cases, right?

Just to get me right: I’m looking for the “right” and of course effort-minimized alternative.

Thanks & regards

I can’t speak to an installation on Windows but the minimal effort approach would be to:L

  1. Backup everything
  2. stop openHAB
  3. Clear the Cache (delete contents of userdata/cache and userdata/tmp)
  4. Copy over the new version of OH on top of the old version
  5. Start OH

If you see errors in the logs, wait for OH to finish coming up and restart. If the errors persist, clear the cache again. It seems that if you ask OH to install too many add-ons at the same time, which happens when you clear the cache as that forces OH to reinstall all the add-ons, it doesn’t handle that very well.

NOTE: Only backup up your conf folder may miss whole lot of important files like the JSONDB (where all Items and Things get stored that are created through PaperUI), and specific binding configs.



Attention!!! When prompted (during copy) do not overwrite existing files!

The current documentation is out of date, since there has been an official PowerShell update script available for Windows for quite a while. There have been several issues opened for updating the docs, but you can find instruction in some of the release notes. It looks like these instructions were left out of the notes for the 2.4 release.

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I took care of this for windows now.

But your suggestion for a separated area as also good and we should think about it.


I’m curious if you get the upgrade to work. I haven’t been able to update my Windows install since going to 2.4. Reinstalling works fine every time though.


According to new documentation, what do I have to fill in for x.x.x when I want an update to latest snapshot?

To start the update process, run PowerShell as an administrator and use the following commands, while replacing x.x.x with the wanted openHAB version. Assuming you have openHAB installed in C:\openHAB2 :

cd C:\openHAB2
. .\runtime\bin\update.ps1
Update-openHAB -OHVersion x.x.x

Not tested:

I would give 2.5.0-snapshot a try.
That’s the way it is done for docker too for example.

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I assumed they expected a fairly stable system. Snapshot builds are not designed for thst==at or assumed to have no bugs.

If nobody ever tried snapshots to detect and report bugs, there would never be stable milestone builds.