Openhab missing some Insteon changes

I have 3 insteon hidden dorr sensors (2845-222). For the most part they work great. I am having an issue with openHAB missing state changes form time to time.

When I come home I open my door, walk in and close the door behind me. OpenHAB almost 100% sees the first state change, but from time to time misses the 2nd, so it will look like a door was left open, but it is actually closed. It seems to happen more if I shorten the time between opening and closing the door.

I have verified that this is not a problem with the sensor’s signal being detected by my hub. The hub 100% knows every time (as viewed by insteon app) the correct door state. So, openHAB will think the door was left open, but my hub will know it was closed.

I’m wondering if there is a setting that I need to tweak or something else I can do to increase openHAB’s insteon reliability? Would switching to a PLM over a “new” hub help? Has anyone else seen this issue?

The InsteonPLM binding tries to weed out duplicate events, which may cause some state changes to be suppressed.

I believe others have reported similar issues in the past with a PLM, but my memory says that was due to genuine loss of messages on the insteon network.

With the new hub there is also the uncertainty due to the fact that we are polling on a finite interval.

The first thing to look at would be a detailed debug log for the scenario where the openhab state differs from the hub state.

You can also try reducing the poll interval in openhab.cfg. You don’t have much headroom there though. You can also try to lengthen the poll interval and see if that makes the problem worse, but it’s probably hard to see change when the state transition losses are sporadic. I’d rather look at the logs to see what’s going on.

Just found this thread (and realized that I had dropped the ball there!):