Openhab MYSQL

I think I miss something
mySQL: Could not create entry for ‘StephanPhone_Time’ in table ‘Items’ with statement ‘INSERT INTO Items (ItemName) VALUES (?)’: No database selected
2017-06-11 21:59:53.377 [ERROR] [sql.internal.MysqlPersistenceService] - mySQL: tableName was null

mySQL: Unable to find table for query ‘Sensor_Indoor’.

How do I create the Tables I can see the Database is created

The MySQL or jdbc persistence add on should create the tables automatically.

I’ve no experience with MySQL pressure so I’ve no advice for how to fix the problem. The first thing I would try would be to double check my .persist file and config file. Then restart OH.

If you don’t have any data in the db you need to save, I’d delete the database and restart OH to get it to recreate it.