openHAB, NANO CUL 433MHz and RMF Motor


I have buy a NANO CUL 433MHz from ebay and use a Raspberry Pi with openHABian.
The NANO CUL is connected over USB and at my Pi it will shown as
“Bus 001 Device 006: ID 0403:6001 Future Technology Devices International, Ltd FT232 Serial (UART) IC”.

But I dont know what I must doing next.

I want to control my shutter motor.

Can anyone help me please :slight_smile:

Thanks Spawnsen

Welcome to the community!

Try the openhabian-config tool ( from command line sudo openhabain-config ) and select “Apply Improvements” then choose the first three options, add additional packages, fix permissions, svr mounts.

Indeed, welcome! :slight_smile:

I only did a quick internet search, but this appears to be an adapter board only. Do you have the Adruino, radio, antennae, etc. to go with it?

I am assuming you will use that for the 433 mhz gateway?

Also, I am assuming your roller shutter has some 433mhz built in to it already? Factory provided remote for instance?

I did come across the following video somewhat recently, which was really great. He talks about integrating a weather station, but it should be a similar process for any 433mhz device:

I love how his very first line is “hacking of 433 mhz devices is a human right for makers.” :smiley:

Having said that, I would consider this somewhat of an advanced project, tying together several different disciplines, and perhaps requiring some specialized equipment even [1]. Now I don’t want to presume your skill/knowledge level, but my advice for your next steps would probably be to read and study some more…

Or maybe you know all of this already, and were simply asking how to tie it in to openHAB? If so I think I just wasted a lot of typing. :smiley:

Note 1: After watching that video a couple/few weeks ago, I immediately pulled the trigger on ordering an RTL-SDR v3 (which I had been eyeballing for years anyway). I also have a whole bunch of various 433mhz components on the way and really looking forward to experimenting with this stuff. But then again I like to tinker and learn. Make no mistake, as that is what I think you are going to be into when you start messing with the 433 mhz stuff. On the other hand, it’s super cheap, which I really like! :smiley:

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