Openhab network Mesh

Good morning,

I have a network with wemos d1 mini to read the temperature sensor in my home.
the wemos are connected with the mesh network (painlessMesh)

I would like to connect the network mesh with openhab 3

does anyone have experience for this?

Thank you

I have no idea what mesh means in this context and others to read your post probably don’t either so explain your request better. You must not expect us to know Wemos product.

As far I can see, this network is ESP devices only. I think connecting ESP devices to proper wifi network and using MQTT to communicate with Openhab is way to go.

yes, I connect mesh network trough mqttbridge, it’s work well,
with this system I don’t need wifi repeaters

I am attaching the painlessmesh link


That’s interesting. So you got an ESP device bridging between the mesh network and OH? The mesh network stays router free or is it now bound to the router and thus its functionality is reduced to extending WiFi signal?

This project looks very interesting, thanks for sharing!

I thought about something like this a while ago with the goal to bridge WiFi downtimes by having at least one node in the mesh that is also connected by cable.

yes, I have a device with mqttbridge which acts as a bridge between mesh network and openhab, the library does not reduce the wifi signal

if you want you can also use painlessmeshBoost