OpenHAB newbie

I have just installed OpenHAB on an RPi.
A Tellstick Duo is connected.
How do I configure to se a remote temp sensor ?

Tellstick Binding (binding-tellstick - 1.9.0 SNAPSHOT) is installed.

What does this info mean? It’s working now?
If not, go to section “Configuration examples” in

and set up your items and sitemap.

When I look at Extensions/Bindings there I can see Tellstick Binding is installed but I can´t see my sensors anywhere.
Remember, I´m a really rookie to install openHAB but I really want to learn and test it.
I have checked but I don´t understand.
I would appreciate some help from you guys

That wiki page tells you what you need to do to configure and use the binding. However, it assumes you have knowledge of generic OH concepts like Items, Sitemaps, Rules, etc. Browse around the right hand side of the wiki page and read up on how all the pieces fit together. Download the Demo and get it running and experiment with making changes to it to learn some more about how OH works.