OpenHab not getting data from z-wave devices

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I removed all settings related to the z-wave device, then I unpaired the device from my z-wave stick and re-booted openhab. Then I shut Openhab down, created a new empty logfile, removed the z-wave stick from the computer, paired the device with my z-wave stick, added the z-wave stick to the computer, started openhab. Then I added the new Thing (node 16), added the two items (mapped Channel switch_dimmer1 and sensor_power1). Now I could control the dimmer from Openhab and see power usage (updating randomly), but when I turn the dimmer on or off using the switch on the dimmer, this is not sent to openhab. And the Power usage is not updating.

In Habmin all association groups are empty. I add Controller as Lifeline, but this does not change anything. After restarting Openhab all association groups are empty again. Not sure if if the association group is never saved or if it is not shown correctly in Habmin?

openhab.rar.txt (178.0 KB)

It looks like a bug in the device :frowning: . As I mentioned earlier, there has been a lot of change in the way associations are handled, with (I think) 6 different command class variants now defined over the past couple of years to try and get this working properly. Due to this continual change in the definitions, a number of devices don’t implement the correct thing. (I just checked the latest standards, and they’ve added yet another version in the past month or so!).

In this case, this device reports multi-instance-association command class version 3, so the binding configures for a multi-instance report, but the device is still reporting to the root endpoint.

We try to set the association reports using endpoint mode to node 1 endpoint 1 and it looks like the device fails to accept this as when we read this back, the lifeline isn’t set so the device doesn’t accept this -:

The standards state -:

I’m not really sure how to move this forward as I don’t have the device to test against. We can’t really use the single instance associations as this device has multiple switches. In the old days, Fibaro devices always used to send data encapsulated with the MCE, but with the updated MCA classes, they seem to have stopped.

I suspect that maybe this issue might be resolved in future versions of the firmware, but I’m not sure how to test your version to see how to get it to report.

Hi Chris.

I have the same device (Fibaro Dimmer 2) with a newer version of the firmware (3.5 instead of 3.4). The new version is working fine when using the right Channels.

If I understand you correctly, this version (3.4) of the firmware does not behave as described in the z-wave specifications? And as I understand, it is almost impossible to update the firmware without a Fibaro Controller.

Can I do anything to fix this problem?

One last comment: The Channel “sensor_power” is working correctly on this firmware (3.4). That means, if I change the dimming or turn the light on or off using the switch on the dimmer, Openhab updates correctly.

Since the channel “sensor_power” is working, I decided to implement this hack:

rule "Error in Fibaro Dimmer 2 firmware 3.4"
  Item ZWaveNode016FGD212Dimmer2_SensorPower changed
  logInfo("Info", "Error in Fibaro Dimmer 2 firmware 3.4") 
  sendCommand(FibFGD212_1_Dim, "REFRESH")
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I had to use the same approach, thanks for sharing this