OpenHab not starting on Windows 10


i installed OpenHab for Windows but it won’t launch using http://localhost:8080.

in wanted to include images of all different steps, but as a new member i can only post 1 image.

i have a windows10 where i addad java by installing Zulu.
after installing and checking java i get this:

so it seems java 8 is installed properly.
i added a new system variable for Java.

OpenHab itself is installed on my C drive in a folder called “OpenHab”.
And when i execute the start.bat the Karaf console also doesn’t seem to give me any problems.

But then when i try to connect to http://localhost:8080
i get the message that it is an invalid http response:

Any idea on what might be wrong?

Thanx a lot!!!

Have a nice day/weekend,


Well you shouldn’t post images of text anyway.

It seems that whatever http response you received, you forgot to include. But you should be able to use the console to find out which bundles are running.


all bundles seem to be active when i check with the command: “bundle:list”.

But i just found the log and there i see this:

2019-06-06 21:28:28.080 [INFO ] [.dashboard.internal.DashboardService] - Started Dashboard at
2019-06-06 21:28:28.080 [INFO ] [.dashboard.internal.DashboardService] - Started Dashboard at
2019-06-06 21:28:30.119 [ERROR] [.service.internal.HttpServiceStarted] - Could not start the servlet context for context path [] Address already in use: bind

Does this provide extra information?


The last line of your posted log says that there is some other service using the ports 8080 and/or 8443.

Ah thank you!
And where could i change the port OpenHab needs to use?


You are not the first asking, so a forum search should have given you this