Openhab-offline-2.0.0-SNAPSHOT windows 10 lauching problem

I download openhab-offline-2.0.0-SNAPSHOT on my windows 10.

cd openhab-offline-2.0.0-SNAPSHOT
It just show,
“Lauching the openhab runtime”.

It just show,
“Lauching the openhab runtime”.
“listening for transport dt_socket at address: 5005”

By both way, it seems openhab2 suspending on some point.
I check browser by “localhost:8080”, “unable to connect”

Does anybody have some idea for my problem?
Thank you and any information will be greatly appreciated.

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Check the openhab.log file located in userdata/logs. That should give you a more complete picture of what’s going on.

If you’re launching the online distro for the first time, be aware that it will take some time for the various components to download and install, especially if you added any additional bindings to addons.cfg.

You can use the command “log:tail” in the Karaf console to see a constantly updating log.

Thank you, dynostatic.

Although I have problem by lauching offline version, I can start the online version.
It did take some time.

Thank you for sharing the karaf command usage to me.

Same problem on rasbian raspberry pi3 with both stable and testing (apt repo).

Listening for transport dt_socket at address: 5005.
Both java and karaf are listed in ps aux, but none of them workinf (karaf - cannot establish a connection via /bin/client either ssh). jetty on 8080 not working.

Has the problem been solved?