OpenHAB OmniLink Binding & homebridge-openhab

I’m experimenting using my Omni panel with HomeKit apps on iOS using the OH Omnilink binding with homebridge-openhab. My panel is mostly used for dry contact sensors and UPB lighting. I configured two of the items in OH and it’s working as expected on both the web and iOS interfaces. I’ve also configured homebridge-openhab and it sees OH and the items. However, there are a couple of things that are not quite right in HomeKit.

The two items configured are:

Dimmer Light_SF_Computer_Room_Desk1 “Desk1 [(%d)]” (SF_Computer_Room1, Lights) { omnilink=“unit:1” }

Contact Window_Computer_Room1 “Computer Room1 [MAP(]” (Computer_Room1, Windows) { omnilink=“zone_status_all:12” }

In HomeKit, the item name is including the display parameter at the time homebridge is launched, e.g. the item name becomes “Computer Room1 [CLOSED]” and “Desk1 [(56)]” (the light was on at 56% when homebridge starts) . They are not dynamic, e.g. it stays “Computer Room1 [CLOSED]” when the window is opened and closed. If homebridge is restarted, the name matches the current status of the item at restart. Also, for the Contact, the status reported is reversed, i.e. when the window is open, HomeKit reports it as closed and vice-versa.

Any ideas?

Update 1

I’ve resolved the name issue (sort of). I had

“useLabelForName”: true,

in the config.json for homebridge without any actual labels enumerated. I removed that line and now I get the full name for the item, e.g. Window_Computer_Room1. Not ideal and I don’t really want to enumerate alternate labels for everything in config.json but it’s workable,