Openhab on hue bridge 2.0

Hi all,

I’ve rooted my hue bridge 2.0, and now I was wondering if I can somehow use this HW to control my zigbee appliances.

I’ve looked at openhab connector but this still requires A full install.

Anyway I could interface this zigbee hw into Another openhab install (running on openwrt router) or run a minimal version that sends it to the cloud or local openhab ?



What is your end goal? Meaning, are you trying to run openHAB on your router?

Hi Thedannymullen,

The hue bridge is a gateway for philips hue lamps that are controlled via Zigbee. Fccid Info

When you “root” the bridge you see it runs an openwrt fork which is almost vanilla.

My goal is, use the Zigbee hardware present in the Hue Bridge and share it to my main openhab server.

Unfortunatly theres not much space left so i was wondering if i cant just install an “agent” on the bridge and let the open hab server handle it.

Anyway of this happening ?

Kind regards,


What’s wrong with using the Hue binding? Seems like your trying to make things a little complicated, but not really gaining any benefit from your efforts.

Hi Maximo,

I understand that i could simply use the hue binding.

What i’m trying todo is use the existing Zigbee hardware too also detect different appliances.

So i dont need an additional zigbee usb stick.

I hope this makes more sense.

Kind regards,


Only thing I could think of is run mqtt on the hue bridge. Then publish topics to / from openHAB.