openHAB on Mixtile Hub with ZigBee and Z-Wave

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: Mixtile Hub
    • OS: Poky
    • openHAB version: 2.3.0


I bought a few time ago a Mixture Hub, don’t know if anybody know it, but it has good hardware and good idea for software etc.
Normally it works with Mixtile Software which based on openHAB and the Mixtile Team has a tutorial to install openHAB.
Till this point all works, I have openHAB installed and it is up and running :slight_smile:

The Hub has an installed ZigBee and Z-Wave module and I would like to use it now.
At this point I need help from the side of the openHAB community, maybe someone has an Idea how to install it.

Pls ask me for every detail you need to help, would be great if can solve it. For some parts you have to explain a bit more, because I’m new in openHAB.
I think also other guys will be installed openHAB on it if it works well.

What I have and see at the moment.
If I look at configuration->things I have a ZigBee Bridge and a Z Wave Bridge Online.
Attached you see a picture of it.

Hope anybody can help and thanks in advance.

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You need to pair the zwave/zigbee devices to the controller/coordinator. The Mixture Hub and the device you have should have instructions for how do do this. Typically you put the controller/coordinator into pair mode and then press a button or something on the device.

Once that is done it will appear in the Inbox where you can accept it as a Thing into your configuration.


no button on the Hub.

With the normal Software I start the connection/search for devices in the Paper UI.
Don’t know if you know also the Philips Hue Bridge, it starts also connection software based without any button.

I thought I have to use maybe the ZigBee Binding, but not sure.

There should be some documentation available from Mixtile for how to put the controller/coordinator into pairing mode. There isn’t always a button to do this. Every hardware seems to work differently.

There will also be a button or an action that you need to do on the device you want to add to your network in the 30 seconds that the controller/coordinator are in pairing mode. Again, that will be documented in the manual of the device.

The Things you have shown in PaperUI do not look like they are using the Zwave binding nor the Zigbee binding. So again, you will have to find documentation from Mixtile for how to use these Things.

Has anyone figured out how to make ZigBee and Z-wave capabilities of the Mixtile hub to work with openHAB?

I have tried and gotten the following results:

  • I was able to add a Zigbee device using Mixtile Hub thing (does not seem like any additional configuration is necessary)
  • I was not able to get the hub to connect to existing Z-wave network as secondary controller, neither via Mixtile Hub thing, nor via installing Z-wave bindings and using /dev/ttyACMX

The most useful source of information for getting somewhere was at

Mixtile is based on Eclipse Smart Home which has ceased development. I wonder what their plan forward is for that?
With the mix of software in that tutorial, I am not sure anybody here could help. It would be different if they were using an openhab package rather than just bits and pieces.
Although HABmin is preferred, zwave and, I assume zigbee devices can be added from the PaperUI.
From Inbox, pick Search for things Choose the zwave binding, for instance. The system should discover the devices.

@Bruce_Osborne I was not able to add Zigbee devices via Search for things.

When using Mixtile Hub binding, when I tried doing the same for Z-wave devices, just using Search for things yielded no results. I have tried setting the existing coordinator of the Z-wave network to be visible, to no avail. As per Mixtile’s devs it does not support being a secondary Z-wave coordinator - this might have been an issue.

I have tried not using Mixtile Hub binding and use just Z-wave binding and manually configure it to use a specific device at a controller, I was never able to get the binding to initialize itself.