Openhab on nvidia jetson nano


Anyone had success installing openhab or openhabian on the nvidia jetson nano?

Any advantage/disadvantage compared to the raspberry pi 4?

Total waste of a GPU, and more expensive than a Pi4, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. It basically uses an OS derived from Ubuntu - at worst you would have to use the manual install method. Presumably you have a carrier board so you can use the USB and Ethernet functionality?

I believe there are issues with openHABian on Ubuntu, though those issue may have been resolved.

No idea, I use openHAB on Ubuntu without issue.

@Dharvin_D to be clear my first post assumed installing openHAB, not openhabian.

Not openHAB, openHABian.

Is that a reply to me? I’m aware of the differences.

You said:

My reply is

i.e. I don’t know anything about openhabian, but I’m using openHAB fine on Ubuntu. I then clarified to the OP that I was assuming openHAB in my first reply, not openhabian.

I was just making my previous post clear that openHABian is or at least was known not to work on Ubuntu to head of potential problems of OP or future readers going down that path.

Thanks that clears it up.

It’s this one, with usb and ethernet: Jetson Nano 2GB Developer Kit | NVIDIA Developer

Huh, didn’t know there was a 2GB version. Looks like the price isn’t too different from a Pi either, though in my region it’s out of stock everywhere (as is the Pi!).

Do let us know how you get on!