openHAB on ROCKPro64

I have a ROCKPro64 with 4GB lying around here and I’m just wondering if I can run openHAB on it. Currently I use openhabian on a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B. openHAB and the other things are running a little bit… leisurely on it. Not slow, but also not exhilarating fast. :slight_smile: I know that there is a openhabian image for PINA A64. But ROCKPro64 and A64 have a really different hardware specification.

So my question is whether openhabian is/should be running on a RockPro64 (maybe @ThomDietrich or @mstormi can answer this). Or if I better use a naked Linux and install openHAB manually. In this case, I would prefer DietPI (because of the logo :smile: )

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I don’t know. You can try but I doubt the image will work on your HW. So go install a Debian derivate and use openhabian manual install.