openHAB on Windows Server 2012 core possible?


is it possible to install openHAB 2 on a virtual windows server 2012 core (i.e. the version without GUI)? I’m much more comfy with Windows than Linux :wink:


Yes, this is definitely possible, but as I don’t know 2012 core, I don’t know the steps to take. But it should be more or less:

  • install Oracle Java 8 > u101
  • install openHAB2 manually (i.e. copy the zip to c:\openhab2\ and extract it)
  • create a service file to start openHAB2 as a service
  • create windows shares to the conf directory
  • start the service

Then login through http://ip.of.the.machine:8080/
You should be able to edit the configuration through the windows share.

Answer to self: Yes, it is possible and works nicely. However, many additional tools such as influxdb are not available on Windows, thus I have decided to reinstall on Debian Linux.


influxdb is availlable for sure, but to be honest, it’s not “the windows way” to install :wink: