- Invalid SSL certificate

Hi guys, i guess your cert has expired…

Having the same issue when going to Cloudflare has issues with the origin certificate.

Quick solution is leaving the Cloudflare mode to flex instead of strict until you have a new origin certificate in place

Thanks guys! The site should be back now. :+1:

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Yes, the site is back up and working. :smiley:

@suntribe you can click this one solved. :wink:


Perhaps you need an OpenHAB rule to warn of impending expiry. :wink:

It was supposed to be renewed automatically by our hosting platform, as always every 3 months… until we recently added Cloudflare on top and that made it fail this time. Anyways, we made some configuration changes and it shouldn’t happen again.

Thanks to all who quickly reported so we only had a couple hours of downtime :slight_smile:


We really do appreciate all your hard work behind the scenes.

Sure, that’s part of the duties we happily do for you at the openHAB Foundation, which might be a good time to plug right now (no pressure though!) :slight_smile:

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