OpenHab, Pimoroni Enviro Pi and MQTT

I’ve been playing with the Enviro Pi that i received for Christmas (linking as it might help with context).

In the ideal world, I’d like to get the temperature, pressure etc into OpenHab, as an effortless way of graphing, and then potentially controlling downstream things.

The enviro pi is battery powered, so it wakes every now and then to gather reading and when it has enough it bursts them to a downstream location (in my case an MQTT queue). I’ve wired openhab to MQTT, created channels with JSON transforms etc and I can see that I am getting the data - however there is a but!

The bursting of data is causing problems - openhab processes all the messages and stores the data at the same time point (more or less), which results in weird steppy graphs etc.

So, the question I have is “can i get OpenHab to use presented timestamp as part of its process, so it stores the bursted data right (and if so, how do I do that?)”?

If not, I can move to a different persistence method… It can use InfluxDB, and I can wire OpenHab to that… it’s just not as “nice”!

Thanks in advance.

Not going to be easy.

I would go a different route and have Enviro pi log directly to InfluxDB

You can use something like to display data

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Thanks @denominator - that was what I suspected and where I was heading next basically!

I just wanted to confirm my conclusion (that OpenHab didn’t want to do this out of the box) before I started - and thanks for doing that.