OpenHAB published on internet with proxy


i’m new to openHAB, i’ve to publish OH to internet with reverse proxy and i’ve to put two istance of OH on the same server.

So i’ve to do something like this:… pointing to internal [http]://SrvOH:8080/…… pointing to internal [http]://SrvOH:8081/…

with a HA proxy i can do the incoming routing, but at the client’s side all the call are made to

without Istance1 or Istance2.

So my question is if it’s possible to change the OH’s Url to [http]://localhost:880/istance1/… (adding Istance1)

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I followed the official documentation as a guide.

Hi Bruce,

I’m using a proxy and all it work fine to redirect inbound request, but my problem is that the js code client side made REST call to an url like this


so if i’ve published OH internal istance as

\MyOpenHAB<OH Index>

when the js client code made REST Call it use


without the \MyOpenHAB\ and the proxy don’t route the call internally

My question is how i can modify the OH’s default url in order to insert the \MyOpenHAB\ part

Another option could be a change in the reverse proxy to add that information but I am no we’d proxy guru.

I do know there are API changes due to authentication in OH3.

There is a tutorial somewhere on here on doing this partially with Apache. I’m aware of no instance where someone has been completely successful doing this. However, LetsEncrypt supports wild card certificates so you could use and https://instance2.ohserver.come. I’ve even documented how to do this using HAProxy on pfSense at Remote Access: pfSense + HAProxy + LetsEncrypt

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