openHAB - Raspberry Pi 3 - MQTT binding issue

Good afternoon,
I`m having some issues with openHAB. Using Raspberry Pi 3 as a server with openhabian image. I have followed some tutorials to set up everything. However having issue with MQTT broker. Installed Mosquitto on my RPI, installation was showing as successful.
I have also installed MQTT binding on my openhab. However when I go to openhab / Configuration / Binding and search for MQTT binding it is showing me that is still uninstalled. I have done it few times now, installed it again, every time it takes a while to install MQTT binding but eventually shows installed. After restart of RPI when I go back to openhab / Configuration / Binding and search for MQTT binding it is showing that is not installed again.
Any idea where is the problem.
I will be using Sonoff smart relays to control some lighting at home, this is working correctly from HTTP level. Now need to integrate it with openhab.
Can you help please.

Is that the latest openHABian version?

Hi there,

Yes, its the latest version updated it yesterday.
I just had a thoughts this morning that this issue could be related to Internet Explorer browser I was using at the time.
So I tried using Mozilla browser and it looks that MQTT binding showing as installed - which is correct, so that’s sorted.
Now I can concentrate on setting up Mosquitto with openHAB to ensure it works. Are there any good tutorials that I can follow. I got one switch for now which I need to integrate for testing.
Where on openhabian (with openhab2) I can check what services are running on my server ?
Also when I access shared files from openhabian I can see two separate folders : one openhab , other openhab2. Just need to make sure Im not running openhab twice on my server.

And my last question is sometimes when accessing shared files from openhabian ,
I get message access denied when trying to modify any .cfg file. But this doesn’t happen every time.

ps -elf | less will show all the programs currently running on your machine.

top will show you the top page worth of running programs sorted by a criteria, by default CPU usage.

systemctl list-unit-files | grep enabled will list all the services that are configured to start automatically on system boot.