Openhab Raspberry Pi - Autostart running on main screen

Hello all,

I have been following some tutorials to install Openhab on Raspberry Pi.
Everything is running ok… the autostart is running.
But my problem is that the Autostart is running on my background…
Any of you guys knows how can I run it on main Screen… My objective is see what is going on with my openhab in real time…

By the way I followed this tutorial:

probably my Autostart is the DAEMON one…

Thanks in advance!!


The general consensus here is to install OH according to the OH Wiki, which will assure that relevant directories are located where they need to be, as well as user and application ownerships and rights required are in place… this approach ensures a baseline for people who want to help you out, which without that baseline is difficult to do.

I suggest to follow a modular approach to installing a Raspberry:
a) install the image, and configure what you basically need, e.g. your user and group, network tools and services, etc.
b) save this image, before you install any applications
c) start with OH and see how you go; in case you buggered it up, simply re-install the image saved under b) and start again.

tail -f /var/log/openhab.log

This assumes you installed via apt-get. if you installed manually (not recommended) I think the log file is located in /opt/openhab/logs/openhab.log.

The tail -f command will print to your terminal every line that gets added to that log file as it gets added to the log file.

The openhab.log file contains the same stuff that gets printed to the screen when it is run manually using


Thank you very much by your reply.
I found the file inside /var/log/ using filezila directory but when I execute the tail command the system do not find the directory.

Any other option to try?!


Thanks for your reply…
I´ll try for a couple of days more to find the solution.
If I cant discover I will install again following OH Wiki


Well, since you didn’t install using apt-get the logs are put where ever it is that you did install it. There is a logs folder and you should find an openhab.log file in there.

But I highly recommend installing via apt-get, particularly if you are unfamiliar with Linux which you seem to be.