OpenHAB rebuild, One Z-Wave Device Won't Work

Hey All,
The SD card that previously ran my OpenHAB on RaspberryPi failed and I had to rebuild from scratch. I took the opportunity to upgrade to OpenHAB 4.
After rebuilding, all but one of my previous Z-Wave devices added back with no trouble.
I have a GE/Jasco ZW4201 outdoor switch is not being recognized by OpenHAB. It seems pairs properly but, never moves from an “Unknown Device” to being identified by the database.
I’ve factory reset the device, excluded it, re-included it but, OpenHAB never seems to identify it.

From everything I can tell, it’s still in the ZWave database (OpenSmartHouse Z-Wave Device Database) but, OpenHAB isn’t associating it correctly.

This is a snippet from the xml for the switch:

I can’t figure out why it’s not associating correctly.
Does anyone have any ideas?


It looks like there have been recent changes to the DB. Sometimes the device disappears for a while if the editor does not request review. What OH4 version are you on? (try 4.1M2 for the latest).

Also the XML numbers point to this device. OpenSmartHouse Z-Wave Device Database

edit: so this was the sequence of events (don’t shoot the messenger- had no part in this). On July 16, 2023 the device 643 was deleted. It was called “outdoorswitch”. On July 22 it came back renamed as ZW4201, but only with 0x4f50:0x3033. On Aug 22 0x4f50:0x3032 was added to device 47 (ge 45604). My guess is that you have an OH4 version between July 16 and August 22, so it is unknown device during that period. If you have write access you can change this, (or read the blog to get write access)

I was on 4.0x so it looks like that was the issue. I upgrade to 4.1M2 and it popped right in after the OpenHAB service restarted. Kinda mad at myself now that I didn’t think to switch to the snapshot version.

I appreciate the help and all is good now!!!

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