OpenHAB retured empty sitemap list

I have been having a issue since upgrading to Openhab 3.1 M4 where is not loading sitemap page at “”. I noticed this problem when trying to access my sitemap list remotely on the Android app. The page works fine when I am at home and the app connects to the server directly.

Any Ideas? I am seeing nothing in the the console logs when I try loading the page. Am also not seeing any one else with this issue so I’m guessing something broke with my setup during the upgrade.

Wrong, same problem here :grinning:
Currently I am using my VPN as a workaround to connect locally …

At least I am not the only one. You are on 3.1 M4 as well correct?



I guess i have the same issue, it looks like that the connection to rest api fails.

Could you please check if it works after a reboot. In my case it works again after reboot openhab.

It will work for me for a few minutes after a reboot then stops working again.

In my case it works roughly 8h.

Have upgraded to 3.1 M5 and the issue loading is still a issue. Making the using the mobile app remote still unusable.

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Believe me or not… but if you set LOG to DEBUG after a couple of seconds the connection is established, if you set to any other level the issue comes back.

Try it logging in openhab console and log:set DEBUG , close OH Application on mobile device, start it again and wait…

It sounds as “no sense” to me but…


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I believe it … and have made the same experience :innocent:

Yip… Just tried and get the same. Maybe we should bump Digital Dan? Or link @sihui GITHub issue to here as well?

Just testing stetting my logs to log:set DEBUG as well and it indeed fixes it. That is odd.

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Any updates with this issue?

I seem to still see this issue?

Is there any reasonable solution/progress other than changing the log level?

If this is affecting everyone it should be classified as quite severe, right? I’m running a stable build.

I’m still seeing it on openHAB 3.2.0.M2

Has anyone found if the DEBUG logging workaround works long-term?

Mine stopped working even in DEBUG.

So no news here?

Nothing here, nothing on github.

I can confirm. Setting Loglevel to Debug allows me to open my sitemap again. Setting it back, my Android Openhab App cannot display my Sitemap anymore.