OpenHAB retured empty sitemap list

Just to put in my own 2 cents. I have 4 different OH servers in 4 locations. From remote I can use properly only 3 of them. 1 gives me an empty Sitemap almost always

And what differentiate the one returning the empty list?

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Same issue with Openhab 4.0.2
“empty sitemap list” in both the Android app and browser.

Moving all .sitemap files away from sitemap folder and copying there again solved for me.

Hello everybody!
I have “Empty sitemap list” again now!
It happens in app and in browser, from both remote and local (through VPN) access.

I stopped and started openhab but nothing.

Chown openhab:openhab → nothing
(Previously all files were openhabian:openhabian )

It seems to me that moving all .sitemap files away from sitemap folder and copying there again is the only way to fix it.
:sob: :sob:

I’m going to programmatically check for this ( parsing the error page) and copying/pasting files from script …

May you please suggest me a better way (i.e. querying OH for a sitempap count?) ?


Hi, I’m having the same issue right now - app returns “openHAB returned empty Sitemap list” and just gives a . It seems insane that this issue is still going on after three years. Changing the language to nothing and the log level to debug do not help. Any thoughts anyone?

I have accepted that it’s just how it works.

Ah, the openHAB user experience perfectly summed up in a single sentence :rofl:

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