OpenHAB Rollershutter Hardware - which?


I am going to install rollershutters and would like to hear your recommendations regarding the control system.
Here in Germany Somfy is pretty common, but I don’t know if its easy to integrate.

What do I want to achieve:

  1. Control by local switch (or remote).
  2. Control by openhab (sun elevation, temperature, time, …)
  3. I use some zwave devices (Fibaro) and would like to use the Fibaro Rollershutter controller FGR… to control the rollershutters as well

My concern:
If I have a Somfy remote control only (no cabled wall-switch) how can I control by the Fibaro?

Any hint is greatly appreciated.

Err, I don’t fully understand your question: do you have wall switches or don’t you ? Do you already own Somfy RTS system or don’t you ?
If you haven’t bought your Somfy system yet, simply omit it (yes, you will still need motors, and you can still use Somfy motors as well, you can get them without the RF receiver part. Or go for any other motor brand).
You just need access to the wires of the motor and connect them into your Fibaro FGRM.
Electrically, it should be possible to place FGRMs in parallel to the Somfy receiver, so in theory, you could keep using both methods of control, openhab and your Somfy remote. I don’t see any point in doing that, though.
Another option (worth if you already have many Somfy RTS-equipped rollershutters) would be to get a Somfy URTSI II device (check out and

Thanks for your reply @mstormi

I don’t have the Somfy control yet, but it’s obviously difficult to find something else with remote control in my area. Because I just need ONE rollershutter I assume an URTS would be overkill.
So I will arrange to get access to the wires and will possibly just leave Somfy behind.
Maybe I can convince the craftsman to use the FGRM instead of Somfy.

That’s what I just did, too (albeit w/ 10 rollershutters and venetian blinds). Had to connect the wires myself, my electrician refused to, he was afraid of liability (Haftung).
Hardest part in home automation setups always is to convince einen echten deutschen Handwerker (Innungsmitglied) :angry:
If you use FGRMs, you can use any smartphone with habdroid as your remote. You can also get a zwave KFOB (das sind so Schlüsselanhänger).

So, you’re from Germany as well - that was my guess when I saw your name :wink:
I know exactly what you are talking about.
Fortunately my father in law is electrician. :smiley:

Great discussion :slight_smile:

I have the same problem, our electrician want to integrate Somfy for our rollershutter…
Somfy seems to be quite popular in Germany.

But he seems to be young and bit open minded, maybe I could lure him into another system If I could provide him with the specs.

Could you tell me, which hardware combination worked best for you, regarding a new setup?

Is Fibaro the most supported system or what you recommend to go for?

I have installed the rollershutter recently and told the craftsman just to install the motor and connect ot to the power.
We then connected a wall-switch to the motor and integrated a fibaro rollershutter into the wall (wanddose) behind the switch.
It works like a charm and was very easy to integrate it into my z-wave network (OH on a raspberry pi).

Same here. Yes, omit the Somfy, have your electrician install the wiring and attach a Fibaro controller. Best and cheapest among the alternatives. Do the configuration part yourself.

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well… anyone having a status of the Rollershades, e.g. 50% closed with not using a Somfy system?
This is something you can get by Somfys io homecontrol since it “knows” the status, which is quite nice.


Of course. The aforementioned Fibaros know the status, report closure percentage, and you can instruct them to drive to any percentage, too.

This is interesting, because in Somfys world the actor/motor itself knows. Seems like the Fibaros Controllers somehow calculate this, since they can’t really know what the motor is doing, right?

The Fibaro actuator is connected to the motor, and they directly electrically operate it, so they know what it does.
For this to work, you need to invoke a calibration run after installation.

Same here. Works like a charm.

The only thing which changed obviously on OH2 is, that 100% is open and 0% is closed.
Even when changing the parameter “reverse percentage” (or similar), it doesn’t change.
@mstormi: do you have the same “problem”?

I remember I had to fiddle around quite a while with both parameters (invert_state AND invert_percent, these are), but finally made it. They do have the promised effect. I’m using 1.8.3.

So 100% is closed completely and 0% is fully open?

Could you please post both parameters of your setup?
This would help me to compare with OH2 behavior.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,
E. Schneider

But it depends on invert_state. If you reversed cables, you need to set invert_state=true AND need to invert the invert_percent setting.
I have two shutters next to each other, one with straight cabling, the other one has reversed cable input.
One I needed to configure as invert_state=false,invert_percent=true, and the other one is invert_state=true,invert_percent=false, and now they both work the same.
Behavior should not have changed in OH2 vs. OH1.

Hmm… thanks a lot for the detailed response.
I will give it a try!

It works like expected.
I tried changing the two settings (invert control & invert percentage) earlier already, but were not successful.
Now I recognized that the changes were not saved even though Habmin said they were saved.
With PaperUI I was able to save the changes!

Thanks again!

We used Somfy just for the motor without any remote functions, so basicly you could use any motor. Than we connected Fibaro Rollershutter to it. You set up the motor once for min and max position and after that the fibaro will run a detection routine to evaluate the values of the motor.
After that you have precise state on how many percent the blinds are opened which get send by the fibaro controller via zwave. So no need for Somfy.
We are using it since 2 Month now and dont had any problems.

If you dont want to go with zwave you could also try to just get 433mhz shutter controls. I think livolo has quite some nice one. ( ) you can buy those also in china, which is a bit cheaper.
If you dont use zwave it will be a bit harder to get the correct position, but should be possible.