Openhab sensor dilema (Australia)

Hi All,

Wondering if anyone can help with a bit of a dilemma I’m having regarding sensors for my Openhab setup. I’ve been using Openhab for a couple of months and it’s connected to a few devices such as Hue bulbs and Wemo plugs. So I can start really seeing the benefits of the Openhab software, I’m chasing a sensor which will do motion, temperature and humidity logging (Aeotec multisensor looks ideal).

I hoping someone can comment on:

  • if one of the ZWave USB stick’s are available in Australia, they’re at a cost of $99. This plus 3 sensors is running into the region of $340. Rumour is that Smart things will launch in Australia so I feel somewhat cheated by this price point…
  • Is Z-Wave still the way to go or could it be a better option to get a custom sensor built based on wifi and some off the shelf components? (given power cabling for these devices is not so much of an issue)


Hi Murray. I too am in Australia and am shocked at zwave cost here… In terms of your question I have some sensors setup to my install by connecting an arduino up with motion temp and light sensors the use the serial binding… It works but takes a bit of fiddling around.