Openhab Sitemap - view the existing rules

Hello Community,

is it possible to view the existing rules in sitemap?
If yes, how i need to define a code

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Not possible. The best you can do is create a web page and then embed that web page in your sitemap using a Webview element, but even that is going to be clunky because only a few lines will be visible at a time.

And why view them in your sitemap anyway if you can’t also edit them there?

If your Rules are pretty simple, you could use the NGRE and create your Rules using PaperUI. Then you can see and edit them from PaperUI (still can’t from the sitemap though). But there are some significant limitations with PaperUI’s Rule GUIs that makes it hard to use for complicated Rules.

Hello Rich,
it could be interesting to remote control certain roles (activate / deactivate)…
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You mean to activate/deactivate certain rules from the sitemap? That is easily done by placing a enable-my-rule item in the sitemap and checking it first in the rule. Don’t disable the rule itself, just make sure the rule only does its magic when the enable-my-rule item is ON.


interesting idea Henrik , could you have an code example for me?

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Switch My_Rule_Switch "Toggle Rule"


rule "My automation rule"
        Item Rollershutter changed
       if(My_Rule_Switch.state != ON) {
               // Implement your rule here.

So your rule will only execute the code if the rule switch is not turned ON.


directly implemented :slight_smile:
many thanks Kristof!