Openhab, smart meter data (p1), Omnik PV data and PVoutput

I’m looking for some architecture guidance on integrating components:
Two PV inverters (Omnik)
Smartmeter (P1)

OH2 is running on a RPi3. DSMR binding is used to get P1 data in.
I have a script to get the PV data into OH2
A separate script updates with PV data.
P1 data is not updated to

4 scripts and a binding to get the data updated in OH and PVoutput
I cannot have two processes updating OH and using the same USB port on RPi.
Error prone & difficult to maintain.

Possible solutions:
Drop local updates to OH2. Update P1 and PV data to PVoutput only and update OH through http.
+Fairly simple to implement, PVoutput update scripts are existing, item update through http seems simple enough
-some data is lost, PVoutput cannot hold all data
-dependency on PVoutput (and donations as I have two inverters)
-still need for 3 scripts

Update to OH only, have OH update PVoutput with consolidated data
+Nice architecture
+No external dependencies
+local data processing
+no PVoutput donations needed as we’re working with consolidated data
-develop omnikPV update process
-develop PVoutput update process

I’d like to have your thoughts and suggestions on the subject.

Once OH is updated, if you have persistence enabled, no data will be lost as you will have a local copy of your PVoutput data.

You already have scripts so it shouldn’t be too difficult to reimplement them in Rules or to rewrite the scripts to have OH call them with the data it is getting from the binding. Then only the binding is the only thing that needs access to the USB device.

I can’t offer anything more specific as I’m unfamiliar with any of these technologies.

Thanks, this was the kind of generic response I was looking for.

I created a rule that scrapes the Omnik data from the manufacturers website where it’s automatically uploaded anyway.
So now I have all consumption and production data in OH ready to be played with.