OpenHAB Start up - wait for external conditions

Most of my setup is in Docker.
I use a number of machines…but at the moment OpenHAB is running in docker on an Odroid C2. Openhab has the hardware dependency of requiring my AeoTec Zwave USB stick.

On that same machine - at the moment, are some HA-Shared services. These are things like Mosquitto, my paradox-mqtt bridge, mqttwarn etc. These 3 i bring up together with dependencies (using docker-compose), as they’re dependent on mosquitto.

But as openhab is more tied to hardware and seperate, I can’t use the in built docker-compose dependency management for making openhab come up after mosquitto.

I’m wondering, if a, someone has a possible solution, or b, if there’s something native in openhab that can restart the mqtt binding if the server cannot be found.

There is an issue open on the MQTT binding at the moment as it is supposed to try to reconnect if it fails on the first attempt.

I know of no way through Docker or Docker Compose to do this. But perhaps you can set up a systemd service script to start the container instead of Docker compose and set up a dependency that way.

Yeah i did think about that. Docker seems to be going the way of “your app should figure it out”. Which is great if I wrote it…but not someone elses.

Ahh cool on the fact that the mqtt issue is known. I might put in something temporary in the mean time.