Openhab startover

So this is probably a stupid question and I hope I am in the right area to ask it.
I have been playing with openhab for a few years now, just updated to the newest version and now I want to start over. I have added so many things that I dont need anymore but I can not delete through paperui. I am not the best with computers so the json files thing is scary for me. Is there a way to delete all and start from scratch without removing openhab all together?

If you can’t remove a thing via PaperUI it was most probably created via a .things file, IMHO deleting this file would solve your issue.

I created everything I have done in paperui.I cannot delete anything, things items, nothing

Turn off Simple Mode?

If you really don’t need them any more, purge (uninstall) and reinstall openHAB and start from scratch, that’ll avoid any leftover inconsistencies that might hit you one day.

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You may try the karaf console. It provides commands to:

smarthome:items clear - removes all items
smarthome:links clear - removes all managed links
smarthome:things clear - removes all managed things

I thought of that too. I just have the fear of getting up and running again. As I said I am not the greatest at this stuff. But i guess if I did it once I can do it again…

So first off thanks for your suggestions. I figured out something today. I can delete through Paperui…
Probably you all know this already but when logged into myopenhab it does not let you delete. I always have logged in there as it was easier. I tried with ip:8080 and no problem at all.