Openhab startup script Debian 8

Hi all,

I just finished installing my new NUC (intel) with Debian 8.
After that I’ve installed openhab manually from the zip file in /opt/openhab.

Now, I can start openhab with the, but that writes to the console.
I’ve created the startup script “openhab” in /etc/init.d/ following the examples from the openhab wiki

Now, when I start OH using systemctl start openhab I see:
[ ok ] Starting openhab (via systemctl): openhab.service.

but in fact, the OH is not started at all…I’m trying to check logfiles but non of them is reporting something…
I hope someone can point me in the right direction (for testing purpose, all the files are currently mod777)

I just can’t find the solution…


If you are on Debian the preferred installation is through apt-get. See here.

I’ve always worked with source, hence my installation via source on debian 8.4. The change is the systemctl. Im guessing its giving me the problem, but weird is that no error is logged. Hence my request for support.

Ok, I found the solution!
While I was concentrating on getting the startup script working which is on the Wiki…I did not read further.
There is an excellent and actually SIMPLE explanation of how to autostart OH on Linux using SYSTEMDstrong text****

Read it, done it…working!

Sorry for my useless post…

But thanks for reading!