OpenHAB still runs in summer time and/or wrong timezone

When I define a rule, I need to set it an hour earlier, since OpenHAB log lines seem to be an hour different (in my case) earlier. My timezone is Europe/Brussels. Where should I set this correctly? Is this an issue with summer/winter time or timezone?

Thanks in advance!

I might saw the solution just after I created this thread in: Synology DiskStation

Will check and report back here…

That was the answer: in the ‘’ file, add ‘-Duser.timezone=Europe/Madrid’

That fixed it!


I had similar problem. OpenHAB or Joda time should use your System time zone and will Fall back to UTC.
In my case System time zone was ok and openhab was using it when I started it manually from the Console. But when openhab gets started from rc.init it was incorrect. I guess System time zone initializes later then…

Make sure to have:

Extra arguments passed to Java


in /etc/default/openhab

Hi Guys,

i run openhab as a Service on Windows Server 2008 R2 and have the same issue with timezones.

I have set the following in the wrapper.conf:

Still the timestamps in the log show one hour early.

Any idea how to change that?

Thanks for the feedback!

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Hi All,

found the issue - i had a doubled wrapper.conf. Thanks to @splatch for helping out with this!

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