OpenHab Stops comunicate with MQTT

Hey every one, new here, (already sorry for english), so i am doing my final work for school and i am doing a smart house with a esp8266, mqtt and openhab (both on the same raspberry pi 4) and for some odd reason after a bit every input i do on my openhab app on phone stops work, i dont know why, even openhab can t send, any special reason for that?

I think we will need some additional information to help, i.e.:

  • What OH version are you running?
  • How did you config mqtt in OH?
  • What is your esp8266 code?
  • What are you trying to do exactly? (msg from esp into OH or also the way around)
  • Did the log show anything?

I run myself an esp8266 - mqtt - OH combo, and I can receive my esp8266’s mqtt messages in OH just fine (just one-way coms though in my use case).

Hey, me and my teacher we found out what it was, was esp8266 code problem, I found out that if the esp is already working and your mqtt server goes offline and online, you need to connect and subscribe again, not only connect. (LOL I am stupid xD) But thank you anyway for your time.

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