Openhab stops getting updates from KNX few minutes after restart OH 3.0.1


I’m using the KNX binding to connect with my devices and recently started seeing strange behaviour: few minutes after restart (or disabling/enabling KNX bridge) I stop seeing item updates in the log (lights, temperature, humidity) and items remain in that state whatever I do on physical buttons. I can still control lights/blinds etc. from OpenHab, so looks like only status check stops working.

Now, when I disable/enable KNX bridge, all item statuses (on/off, temperature etc) will be updated correctly, but after few minutes updates will stop coming again.

Interesting thing is that when it is working I can see bridge is doing some work there sending statuses (dark grey), once it stops no contact to knx router is made.

Additional thing: if I wait for some time I start seeing this in the log:

2021-05-02 22:15:49.860 [WARN ] [nx.internal.client.AbstractKNXClient] - Giving up reading datapoint 2/1/53, the number of maximum retries (3) is reached.

Can you please suggest me where to look for an issue? Any logs to take a look into, or maybe this is something with KNX bridge?