Openhab suddenly stoped executing some scripts

my openhab stop executing some scripts yesterday (a few still get executed very irregularly). I found the exact time in the events.log, but no error in one of the log files.

  • Openhab is running as user openhab on Ubuntu 16.04 (installed with apt)
  • Exec binding is installed
  • Openhab is up to date
  • When I switch to user openhab and execute the scripts manually, they work perfect.
  • I am the only user with access and didn’t do anything in my network or the server, when openhab stoped executing
  • I restarted openhab and the server
  • According to debug log the items still get stored in the database

From default.items:
Switch N_PI_KODI "Raspberry Pi Kodi [MAP(]" <raspberry> { exec="<[/scripts/ dns-name:60000:REGEX((.*?))]" } (get’s executed)
Switch N_PC "PC[MAP(]" <computer> { exec="<[/scripts/ ip:60000:REGEX((.*?))]" } (doesn’t get executed)