openHAB sufficient?

I am using Homematic CCU2 plus Mediola AIO Creator to control by iPad.

I wanna do do more
a) Automation
b) Cloud

Has openHAB the same features like Mediola Automation Manager and Mediola Cloud Service?
Can I do things like
If Doorcontact is open from Garage between 2000 and 0600 for more than 3 minutes, send me an e-mail and turn on Aktor xy?

Thanks in advance!

Sure it can. I use it that way. But i use Telegram as instant messenger instead of email.

Hi Mike,

Your describing very basic requirements that openHAB can easily achieve. How easy you achieve this is down to you and your skills. To make the most out of openHAB’s automation you need to have basic understanding of how code works and it’s flow. There are loads of examples within the pages of this forum, try a search and see what you find. Admittedly you may have to massage your search at times, mainly down to the terminology people use.

I would suggest you install openHAB and run the demo and have a play around to see if your comfortable, if your looking for a point and click solution then it’s not at that level. If however your looking for a very versatile home automation platform that is continually expanding but needs some effort to achieve your goals then your in the right place.