OpenHab to a graph based representation

How can we get a graph bases representation from a OpenHab configuration from a smart home setup. By graph bases method here, I meant each node describing a start of the home, and each edge describing a trigger & action which led to change of state. Also can this be achieved by just .rules file or we need to take other files into consideration too.

Sit down, get a pencil and start writing it down ?

There’s no tool that will do that for you.


Indeed there is no tool that can do this for you.

To answer your last question, you need to take into consideration everything that can change the state of an Item which includes:

  • Rules
  • Things
  • Persistence (restoreOnStartup)
  • Profiles
  • Manually through Sitemap/Habmin/PaperUI/HABPanel/HABot
  • Manually through Google Assistant/Alexa/Voice control

For what purpose do you need this sort of representation? What problem are you trying to solve? If you are trying to do this “because it’s cool” or something like that I’d put it in the category of “masturbatory engineering”. It’s a lot of work and it feels productive but ultimately doesn’t serve to solve any problem. If you do have a real problem to solve, then please tell us so we can perhaps provide some assistance for where to look. But no matter how you look at this, even a modest home automation configuration is going to be tedious to generate a state machine to represent it and the state machines themselves will be huge.

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that’s to the point :+1:

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