Openhab training


Is there someone with experience in programming OpenHab who is willing to spend a day at our office to train and bring us up to speed on working with openhab? I can send you the concept we’re developing on forehand.

You can give me reply to discuss the costs.We are based in the middle of the Netherlands.
Love to hear from someone.


Hi Robert,

I’m also from the Netherlands and have plenty of experience in both Openhab 1.x and 2.x.
I’m interested into your concept and why you would require specific openhab training.

Anything you can share on that matter?



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Hi Roel.

Thanks for replying.

The idea of having someone to train us is that learning from someone experienced is way more time efficient (and fun).
Up until now I’ve use control brands (kramer/amx etc) to control AV systems.
Not a programmer (as in writing code other then control codes). The thing i’m working on is more healthcare related and would benefit from OpenHab being protocol and brand agnostic.