Openhab-transformation-scale disappears after system reboot

Hi there.
I’ve got strange behavior of scale transformation. It disappears after rebooting host raspberry pi, producing errors in log “[WARN ] [ui.internal.items.ItemUIRegistryImpl] - couldn’t transform value in label because transformationService of type ‘SCALE’ is unavailable”
OK, open openhab-cli console,
then openhab> feature:install openhab-transformation-scale
And all things become fine. Until next reboot.
What can cause such an amnesia?
OpenHAB3, upgraded from 2, raspberry pi 4, buster, everything up to date. Every other aspects of OH works fine, scale transformation is the only wierd issue.
Appreciate your help

Why not install with GUI ?

There is no mechanism in openHAB that listens for feature installations this way. Maybe you can help implementing it?


Rebooted, scale transform disappeared again, re-installed it via GUI, rebooted, and it resides in its place and works fine.

Well, its understood that OH is GUI-oriented, but I didn’t expect it’s so much GUI oriented, that CLI is near unusable. I expected both instruments make the same result in different way. Looks like I was wrong.
Thank you!

Thanks, understood.

What you missed was the ‘third way’, openHABs addons.cfg text file, which manages add-ons. If it ain’t in there, it don’t get added on.

Got it. Many thanks for help and explanation

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