OpenHab UI 3.0, OpenhabCloud and external access


I use the android app and also have a self-hosted OpenHabcloud. I might have something incorrectly configured or there is another problem.

What works fine is:

  • Accessing my openhab server locally (intranet) with the android app, both the classic and the new 3.0 UI work fine
  • in my local net I also get notifications via my openhabcloudserver (which is hosted outside)
  • Outside of my local net, I can use the android app to access the classic UI. That works great.
  • I also get notifications while abroad.

What doesn’t work:

  • Outside of my local net, when I want to access the new 3.0 UI, I only get the login screen of my openhabcloud server.
  • If I enter my credentials, I still don’t see the openhab 3.0 UI, but the configuration page of the openhabcloud.

I guess it is a configuration error? Can anyone give me some hints where to look?

Best regards


you may have a look at Not able to access openHAB home dashboard on custom openHAB cloud instance - #6 by Wolfgang_S where I uploaded the configuration that I use.