OpenHAB UI freezes on first action 1.8.1

Hi, I’m very new to the openHAB community but have experience in the HA area.

I have installed the runtime on a windows machine and then loaded in the demo. All went well and starting localhost:8080/ produced the desired result with the demo sitemap coming up. I can click on say the first floor - living room and then turn on a light. And that is it. The UI freezes and no errors in the log after this point. Tried updating java and reinstalling everything to c:\openhab and no change.

Just for fun, I installed this on raspi 2 (/opt/openhab) and exactly the same thing happens, so I don’t think this is on just one platform. Obviously I am missing some critical step, but I can’t figure out what it is. Both systems have the latest java installed and I believe that I have followed all of the steps in the install procedures (verified with other tutorials). And I have copied the openhab_default.cfg to openhab.cfg, but haven’t changed any of the settings as per the demo install.

I apologize if this is a really newbie question, and I’ll likely be embarrassed with the answer, but I have been scanning this forum all day and searching the web for solutions and so this is my last resort!

Any suggestions appreciated.


Seems this is an issue with Internet Explorer - Chrom, Firefox, etc. all work - no freezing.

See issue at:


Fails on Windows 10 Edge as well. This is a coding problem/design decision to support only a limited set of browsers.

Sad that there is no fix coming as Chrome and FF are problems in themselves.