Openhab update 2.5 ->3 missing sitemap


today i upgraded my openhab to version 3 , with some issues, but these are fixed but some lovely other community members.

While playing around in this totaly new looking UI i was wondering… where is my sitemap now?
The android app still shows the same as it used too.
Is there a way to still access this via the new UI?

in the mean while of making this post, i did notice i can add this to the URL basicui/app?sitemap=Home
and this works.
But… i did a small test, i modified my sitemap file, but i do not see it change on the website.

Did openhab 3 maybe copy my sitemap, things, rules, … to some new files?

Thank you

In the upper right on the new UI Overview page there is a small orange icon.

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thank you @apella12 that was what i was looking for.

i did modify my sitemap file via the old way, a samba share in windows and just editting the home.sitemap file.

this change is not showing, even after restart.
any idea what this could be?

Thank you.

I use VS code, so maybe can’t help. My only suggestion is make sure you are editing in Openhab, not openhab2

/etc/openhab/sitemaps not /etc/openhab2/sitemaps

Hey @apella12 thanks for the reply.
I also use VS code, therefor i love the samba share.

The share is and has these folders:

What do you use as new share now?

what i do not understand is that my networkshare does indeed modifies the file here: /etc/openhab2/sitemaps
but if i try to look for this folder openHAB-conf via ssh i can not rly find it anywhere.


never mind my last post, asnwer was change the samba share :slight_smile:
thanks for all the support!