OpenHab v3.3 / Iphone X / HomeKit integration

Hello team

here is a short request
I’m a beginner and I have a little problem.

Hardware or software used.
Raspberry 400
connected LAN
Connected WiFi
OpenHabian ( last download v3.3.0 )
Samba access is ok (data can be transferred from Win 10)
Fritz box ( download via OpenHab )
FritzDect 200
iPhone X
Last IOS

HomeKit integration (download via OpenHab)
Fritz box ( download via OpenHab )
Sonos (download via OpenHab)

so now to the problem:
the openhab works so far, i can switch the fritz dect 200 socket and the other desired functions.

If I now change the HomeKit integration configuration (port changed to 9154 / pin reset / with and without network ip) on the
add apple handy in home this will be set up.
you can find it under
setting of home
control centers & bridges
( XXXXX ) OpenHab
A message appears at the top:
This device is not certified for Homekit.
therefore, not all functions may be available.

in the home menu i find all my homepod and my tv device.
these are also accessible via Siri.
However, I can do what I want, the devices set via openhab are not
available or not accessible.

I’m assuming that I still have to set something that I haven’t found or read.

I hope you can give me a tip

Kind regards
Balu the bear

Hi Balu,

Have you also performed these steps to expose your items to homekit?
By default only items you expose to homekit will be shown in homekit(which is a blessing as soon as you have a lot of items).

Hi Jos

I thinks yes, but i check it double and let you know

big thanks

Hello Jos

First of all thanks for your information.
this put me on the right track.
various changes would be necessary, but now it works (until now, not everything has been tested yet)

what have I changed?
Checking the sockets again showed that 6 were correct, 1 was wrong and I tested the most with this one.

after installing the tool " Discovery DNS "
I’ve seen that he always switches between the LAN and the WLAN ip, => WLAN switched off

I noticed that he was activated in my IPv4 network IPV6 => deactivated

reboot from openhab, deleted the bridge in the iphone and read it in again and everything was there and the function of the dect 200 sockets is given.

Thanks for the pointer