Openhab via apt-get - no console output but entries in syslog

Hi all

Planning an upgrade of to the newer RaspberryPi 2, and thus have a new Pi, using new Debian Jessie lite OS
Decided to install Openhab 1.7 using apt-get procedure from wiki
Installed bindings
Brought over my openhab.cfg and rules by copying from my old installation on the old Pi
All is working well (and much faster)

However, I no longer get any output on the telnet console (5555) - can log in, can stop, but never see any updates in the console.
I do however have entries in syslog (which is unexpected), and openhab.log and events.log (expected)

Any clues?

TELNET_PORT is in/etc/default/openhab
and -console ${TELNET_PORT} options seem to be present and correct in /etc/init.d/openhab

Thanks in advance!

You should not expect any Output at OSGI-telnet console apart from requested output, e.g.
should end in a list with possible commands.

Many thanks Udo - I did not realise the telnet session wasn’t the same as the “console” when running OpenHab from the shell script!