OpenHab was working - now getting 500 Error

Hi All,

I did have OpenHab 1.8.1 installed on my Raspberry Pi running Jessie. My project stalled for a few weeks while I was waiting for parts, but it was working flawlessly for about a month before I packed it away.

I booted the Pi up last night and installed MQTT. MQTT is running fine, but now when I browse to OpenHab I get the HTTP 500 Error:
Problem accessing / Reason: Sitemap 'default' could not be found

The sitemap does exist and as far as I can tell the hab user can read it:
hab@raspberrypi:/opt/openhab/configurations/sitemaps $ ls -l total 12 -rw-r--r-- 1 hab hab 820 Mar 30 11:51 default.sitemap -rw-r--r-- 1 hab hab 820 Mar 29 21:50 longchamp.sitemap -rw-r--r-- 1 hab hab 233 Feb 1 10:51 README

Does anybody know why OpenHab can’t see the sitemap any more? I ran apt-get last night to install Mosquitto. Could that have altered permissions?

Thanks in advance


Nothing you did with Mosquitto would have any impact on whether OH can see the sitemap.

It looks like you installed OH manually rather through apt-get which is the preferred approach so I can’t say what could be wrong. But the first thing I would check is to watch the OH logs as it starts for errors.

You can also try to open up the permissions on the sitemap to rw by all just to see if that changes anything.

Make sure that you are actually running OH as hab. Having not done an apt-get install I have no insight into how you are starting and stopping OH.

Hi Rich.

I’m pretty sure I used apt-get and then edited init.d to make it run on startup. I wish I documented what I did now!

Looking in openhab.log I’m not seeing anything since the 28th March. Which is strange as I can’t remember turning on the Pi until the 29th. Checking the system date shows the correct date so I’m a bit confused.

I might grab another SD card and give OpenHab 2 a try. That’s the beauty of a Pi, very easy to try something different out :slight_smile:

If your user is “hab” and your files are in /opt and you had to edit init.d you most certainly did not use apt-get to install.

Had you installed using apt-get you your configs would be in /etc/openhab and the service would run under openhab:openhab and it would have been added to start as a service for you.

If you want to stick with OH 1 I recommend following the installation instructions here.

Thanks Rich. I took your advice and reinstalled OH via apt-get, making notes as I went. I backed up the configurations so I could drop them back in and get running straight away.

I’m now struggling with rrd4j, but I’ll post that separately.