Openhab widget status not changing


i started to play around with openhab a couple of days ago and got already certain things up and running, however i have now a problem for which i do not have an explanation.

i setup a group “All_OFF” where only one item is member of.
i can turn on/off that item on the habpanel with an switch widget linked to that item.

however if i use a switch item which is linked to the item itself to turn it on/off, which is also working, the group All_OFF is not getting changed on the HABpanel, even the item status gets changed as per the console:

All_OFF changed from OFF to ON through OnkyoAVReceiver_Zone1_Power

so, why is it not getting updated on Habpanel?

other groups just working fine


i read a couple of post with similar problems but could not see a final solution for it.
to test it again i created two new Items and still have the same behavior.

using the group switch, the status on habpanel of the switch item is getting updated.
however using the switch item the group status gets only updated onhabpanel when i refresh the browser (chrome)

Group:Switch:OR(ON,OFF) Alloff "All-OFF"
Switch Test “test” (Alloff)

is there already a solution for this issue?

I think there is some fundamental limitation with how all the UIs interact with the REST API right now that is causing this use case to break. If you leave it for awhile (minutes, hour?), does the Group eventually show the correct state?

This has been reported with BasicUI as well.

yes I noticed that as well with the BasicUI as well.
I just tried to see if its updating after some time but unfortunately not. for now it seems I need to du a refresh if I want the latest status.

OK, after running the stable version for quite some time i changed now to the latest snapshot
version and this problem seems to be solved.