OpenHab with 2 ZWave USB Dongles (EU & US)


Looking to OpenHab with ZWave for my SmartHome project.
I’m based in Singapore which follows the EU zwave frequency. However, in many cases, the variety or even online price is better for US devices.
So I wonder if anyone has the experience of running an OpenHab with both US & EU Zwave Dongles ?

How about these 2 together with ZigBee (so 3 total). Xiaomi has quite a variety of decently priced devices.
Thx a lot!

You will need to look at the legality of using a US zwave device in Singapore before using one. Is the radio band reserved for something else eg: police or government?

Ha! Good point. Will have to check that.
Let’s assume there are no legal problems. Technically, possible or not possible ?

Technically it’s possible to have multiple sticks, but it’s almost certain that only a single band will be licensed in your country. You might get away with running it illegally, but clearly it’s a risk if you interfere with other services…

Have a look here:

I have been having issues trying to run EU and a US frequency aeotec gen 5 sticks together on raspberry pi with openhab 2.5.5
One stick is US and the other is EU frequency for different devices.
I was originally on EU only for lights on ttyACM0, then added the US stick on ttyACM1 but had problems pairing a lock.
I then tried pulling out the EU one and booting with only US, however the US stick was now on ttyACM0 being the only USB device. It paired the lock, and the zwave folder had the thing with the correct info.
I’m not sure why but the thing jsondb had the homeid of the EU stick even though the zwave file had the US homeid. So when it came in the inbox it had the EU prefix in the node name.
With both sticks back in, only the US one works. The lock is fine but the EU switches are all flagged as offline. The inbox strangely fills with the EU switch nodes but with US stick prefix in the name.
When I boot without the US stick, the EU switches then work again.
Has anyone got this to work - 2 master controllers in 2 usb slots on pi, controlling separate zwave networks?
If all else fails i can fall back on a second instance of openhab with mqtt but i would rather not.
Thanks in advance!

If the two sticks are very close to each other (ie plugged in to the same USB hub, right next to each other) then I’d suggest to separate them. These two sticks could well interfere as they are fundamentally on the same band.