Openhab with Beebotte

Did some work or try to work with an IoT Service like Beebotte or something else and could maybe help a newbie to set up the connection between openhab2 and beebotte to share some simple information (Weather) with people which should not come in my home network ?

Link to the IoT Service:

OpenHAB has a free cloud service and their cloud service cloud is free so you can set up your own cloud.
There are so many cloud-connected Smart Home devices because almost every manufacturer wants to lock you in to using only their products.
OpenHAB seeks to work across many device type, using local control where feasible to reduce Internet dependencies. Z-Wave devices are really good for this because the standard has been designed for interoperability among vendors.

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Hello Bruce,
thank you for your answer!
First of all, i know the openhab Cloud and use it for me personaly.
Also i use many different types of devices from different companies which
works very good. I almost use a private weather Station in my garden which
works with tinkerforge. So up to here, no Problem.
BUT, my neighbours can see the weather Station and now want to get access
to the data to see what happend realy (Next official weather Station is 16km away)
I try to set up a Connection to openweathermap (Which is not working in the Moment)
but this will not solve my problems at all. I want to expand the weather Station with
a sensor for O³ and also for small particels in the air and this won´t fit with ows. So i am
Looking for something - Maybe - additional. And then i end up by a service like
beebotte or something else.

I Need/want a solution which makes it possible that my neigbours can look at the
measurements from the ws but did not have access to our Network or our main sitemap.
A possible solution could be, to create a sitemap “weather for neigbours” and a separate user
in the openhab Cloud. But i haven’t found a way to assign a user in the cloud to just one sitemap.

IMHO this is not possible.
I would create a sitemap with the to be published Information, use a tool to make an image of that (updated every x minutes) and host that Image on a cloud.

I have setup an nginx reverse proxy with a letsEncrypt ssl certificate exposed to the Internet for my remote access. I have set up basic authentication in nginx to protect OH. You could set up a separate URL pointing to a specific site so with different credentials for the neighbor access.

Yes, that is good to know and i am shure that this a very good solution, but as i write at the beginning, i am not so familiar with progamming that i could challenge that.