Openhab with both Bluetooth and Zigbee on RPI

Hey !

Mostly for fun I want to build my own home automation system compatible with multiple wireless protocols.
So, if I get a RPI with an usb Bluetooth dongle and a ZigBee module will OpenHab be able to support both type of devices ?

If so, can I get a Bluetooth device to communicate with a ZigBee one with openHab acting as the IoT gateway. Say I have a ZigBee temperature sensor on one side and some Bluetooth leds on the other, can I get the leds to turn on according to the temperature the sensor node records.

Thanks !

With OH 1 your choices in tech are not supported. The Bluetooth binding is primarily limited to checking whether or not a BT device is in range. ZigBee is not supported in OH 1.

With OH 2 my understanding is that the BT binding will have more capabilities built in so it may support controlling BT LEDs and ZigBee support I believe is in work as well. I don’t know the status of either one though. It might be a small wait.

However, ignoring your choice in technology, your use case is absolutely doable and pretty typical. For example, I have some lamps (zwave) which turn on when the weather says it is cloudy. For another example, I turn on my heater’s fan when both the house and the outside temperature is warmer than the thermostat’s target temperature.