Openhab with HomeMatic Modul(Homegear) and Z-Wave USB

Hey Guys,

i’m new in the world of smart home.
i ordered a rasparry pi 3 and installed openhab2 successfully on it :slight_smile:

now i would like furhter. i realized that i need some stuff from z-wave and some stuff from homematic(ip).
is it possible to run on the same rasperry pi both modules in parallel one on the serial on with the pins and the other via USB?
or do i need a second rasperry pi to split it. one with zwave the other with homematic.


i am also new with OH ( raspb 3 + openhabian )
but i use a 434 MHz Modul via USB (Arduino Nano) and think adding another USB Stick (zWave) shouldnt be a problem, also i am setting up homegear in the near future ( for homematic ) with 868 MHz Modul

Be aware that Homematic & HomematicIP are different protocols.

  • Homematic = compatible with Homematic Binding and Homegear as CCU2/Raspberrymatic replacement

  • HomematicIP = only compatible to Homematic Binding if you use the Homematic compability layer of CCU2/RaspberryMatic, not compatible with Homegear

Technically, the devices are more or less the same (my guess, not proven).

In case of RaspberryMatic to support Homematic IP I would use a separate Pi for it since RaspberryMatic is a very limited Linux and most of the Unix infrastructure for running other services is missing in this distribution.

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When it comes to HmIP there are also other options available besides a dedicated device (CCU2 or RaspberryMatic). Take a look at piVCCU or YAHM as well. Both provide a means of running the CCU2 firmware in an lxc container on a host (e.g. raspi or even a tinkerboard)

Sure, but all these things just provide the compatibility layer of the CCU2, it’s always somehow the OCCU software.

@ptweety, could you explain the benefits of HmIP vs Hm, if you just run them in the compatibility layer?

Well, I only know very little about differences between HmIP vs. HmRF. May be the only thing is that HmRF series seems to be dying and HmIP is the safest bet for the future.

I don’t see that.

In my opinion, the HmIP line ist targeted to the enduser, is polished and a closed system.
While the Hm series targets the technically advanced user and is an open system.